The Utilities industry has traditionally been slow and IT spending in this sector has been quite resilient to the economic slowdown. It is partly due to the fact that technology has to be absolutely reliable and safe before it can be allowed in any mission-critical business process. And most of utility processes are mission-critical. Further, it is expensive to build prototypes and even costlier to do pilot projects. The industry is reluctant investing on any IT project without a strong business case and a good ROI. That is changing now. New aggressive players have joined the industry. Technology adoption cycle is likely to reduce. The big forces truly exploded on the scene are Deregulation, New Technologies, New Economy and Environment. The resultant impact elements Competition, customer churn, regulation, globalization, commoditization, eCommerce, technological advances and shareholders are driving changes within the industry.

In the coming years, the twin objectives of enhanced customer service levels and operational efficiency will be the mail drivers for IT spends. These will in turn drive investments in solutions for CRM, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), Workforce Management Solutions, SCM and e-Business, Procurement, Risk Management, Trading Systems, Application Integration, IT outsourcing and BPO.

BVMTech’s Energy & Utilities Practice leverages Information Technology for the customer’s advantage by helping enterprises achieve higher customer satisfaction levels in terms of service while improving operational efficiency. In this area, BVMTech’s capabilities have been built over the last few years across several domains and technologies to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions for the Utilities sector.