The J2EE platform has helped leading corporations, educational institutions, and government organizations meet the challenges of developing distributed applications.

For many organizations, what is far less certain is how to overcome the challenges they face on complex J2EE projects. These challenges typically include:

  • Aligning the enterprise's J2EE skills with its technical needs.
  • Developing systems on J2EE platforms for WebLogic or WebSphere application servers
  • Leveraging testing processes that build quality and reliability into every line of code
  • Sharing proven best practices for J2EE development across the organization
  • Rapidly delivering a satisfactory Return On Investment (ROI) to business and technical leaders

BVMTech provides its clients with the capabilities, practices, and services that are essential to their success on complex J2EE projects. We have created some of the largest J2EE applications and systems, including applications currently in production and systems already deployed for commercial use by global leaders. We are well-versed in the distinct challenges of developing J2EE-based systems for WebLogic and WebSphere application servers.

We also have enormous potential in architecting and successfully delivering on J2EE projects of all sizes, from projects that call for one or two developers to those that require dozens of team members.